Buying and Selling Guide

Buying Guide
  • Credit scoreMake sure you have a GOOD credit score. Pay down your credit cards or other loans to improve your credit and increase your chances of obtaining a mortgage. Ideally, your score should be above 650.
  • AffordabilityConsider your current expenses combined with a home payment. What is your comfort level?
  • SaveSave! Save! Save! The more you have saved, the more options will have. You will be able to put more money down on the mortgage which will make the home purchase more affordable and have extra money for any repairs. There is comfort in being prepared!
  • Get PreapprovedShop the mortgage rates and lock down a lender. Your lender will want your financial information such as last 2 years tax returns, paystubs, and your credit score. Once you qualify, your lender will issue a Pre-Approval Letter to give to your agent. The Pre-Approval Letter will indicate your purchase power. You can now shop for your new home!
  • Find an AgentFind an agent who is local and one you feel comfortable with to guide you through this process. Your agent will work on your behalf and find a home that meets your needs.
  • LocationNarrow down your search to a specific area. You may make your decision based on your location to work, school district, township, etc.
  • Make an OfferOnce your home is identified, it’s time to put pen to paper and write an offer, negotiate, and get to the closing table!
Selling Guide
  • StagingStaging your home is a HUGE positive and you can even use your own furniture! The goal is to have your home appear as open as possible which creates a template for the buyer to envision their life within the space. Avoid clutter including the kitchen countertops. Store small appliances or other cooking items out of site. This will make your kitchen appear much more spacious. Hire a cleaning service to get a deep clean on the toughest areas including grout on any tile flooring. Make sure your home is well lit to maintain a bright and cheery vibe throughout. Fresh flowers or any greenery including artificial greenery in an entry way, kitchen, or dining room will add a nice touch and bring life to the home.
    Rearrange, have fun, and freshen up with light, subtle scents!
  • Curb AppealKeeping your lawn manicured, landscape trimmed and mulched goes a long way. Make sure your home is not hiding behind overgrowth! You want the buyers to clearly see your home from the curb. You may also want to pressure wash any mildew off the façade allowing your home shines like new! Another easy fix are a fresh coat of paint on your front door and shutters. Everyone wants to live in a home that shines and shows like new!
  • SafetySome townships require a Use and Occupancy permit. The requirements are listed on your townships website. It is a good idea to review this list and make necessary updates in accordance to ensure a smooth transaction. You may be able to do some of the requirements yourself such as making sure there smoke detectors in every room and carbon monoxide detectors on every floor which are in working order. GFCI outlets should be found in all “wet” areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, garage, and basement.
  • Market ValueEvery home has a price. There are several ways to determine the value of a home. The location, size, style and type, acreage, neighborhood, and condition are all key factors. Our agents will compile this information into our MLS data base and pull recently sold comparable properties. A report will be provided to you and an asking price will be decided! Another step closer to the infamous SOLD sign.

It is important to work with your agent on making the home as marketable as possible to get the desired purchase price. We will be able offer guidance with simple fixes if needed.