Chuck Mendenhall


Office Phone: (215) 672-0350
Cell Phone: (215) 672-0350
Office Fax: (215) 672-0458

License Number: RS306182

Chuck first started getting interested in real estate while he was working for Central Bucks School District. He’d see difference properties and wonder how he could invest in them. Finally, he took the plunge and purchased his first investment/flip property – right before the market crashed.

Even though he did not make a fortune, he sold the residence and a separate lot that came with the property. The best part was that he learned a lot about real estate during the process. He became a landlord, and learned a ton about interviewing people collecting rents, and working with the public.

Then, he moved on to learning how to handle a short sale. Dealing with all of the “special” paperwork involved almost requires a college degree! During the process, he learned how to work the banks.

Another specialty became the USDA program, a unique loan for properties in rural areas. Even though the property was local, it still qualified for the USDA program. Chuck learned all of the ins and outs of working through this process.

Since then, he’s been involved in many residential sales and rentals, including warehouse rentals.

He is very happy that he got involved in the every-changing real estate business.