Barbara Sudell

Broker of Record

My real estate career started in 1990. A group of friends used to ski every weekend in Vermont. We rented a home up there, sold “shares” to members, and would go up every weekend (like people do at the shore). Most in the group had “portable” careers, so they could go anywhere and where and still find a job. So, I decided to try real estate as a portable career. I took the courses and passed the salesperson exam in 1991. By the end of that year, I decided to do real estate as a full-time career. Five years later, I became a broker.

It’s funny how your career choices fit into real estate. I started out as a bookkeeper, and later went to college for accounting. Dealing with numbers is a very important part of real estate, you need them for determining current value and for qualifying people for a mortgage. While working for an architectural firm, I worked with attorneys and helped organize the paperwork for lawsuits (architects are always involved in the lawsuits), and I learned about curb appeal and furniture layouts. My BS is in Business Management (realized that I hated accounting), definitely a must in managing a real estate business. To round off my education, I spent five years as a loan officer, a major factor in a real estate transaction.

Now, I used these skills to help people realize their real estates dreams.